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Good Design Is Good For Business

A new analysis by the Design Management Institute, a Boston-based nonprofit focused on design management, puts numbers to what design junkies suspected all along: in the past 10 years, design-driven companies outperformed the Standard & Poor’s 500 by a whopping 228%! They measured the success of this design-led segment of companies, (using 6 criteria) against other companies in the stock market, and found that, indeed, those that put design first had a significant stock market advantage. Read the full article by FastCo here.

Move Over Product Design, UX Is The Future

For decades, the most successful businesses thrived on product innovation as the natural strategy to increase revenues, market share, and loyalty. Fast forward to 2014 and today’s enlightened leaders are achieving success by crafting the entire customer experience–shaping, innovating, branding, and measuring it. They are mastering a new discipline we refer to as “experience innovation” by going beyond the discrete product or service to reimagine the customer journey. The result yields new, unexpected, signature moments that delight customers and create significant opportunities for new growth.

Read the full article on Fast Company Designs website.