Simply stated, we shift human behavior and
elevate all touch points of a users interaction with a brand.

About Us

We’ve entered into an era in which success is not determined by the number of account executives that round your conference tables, but by the power of the internet and those that are willing to engage fearlessly with it. Revolution Creatives operates on the front lines of UX/UI web and mobile design, and brand campaigns that help businesses craft their unique story and create a web presence that cuts through the white noise and directly impacts their intended audience. We believe the power of a single, great idea, brought to life through design and technology, can transform a boot-strapped start-up into an unforgettable powerhouse. With RC at the helm, your company has greater potential to grow and prosper than ever before. The Internet is the great equalizer, if you know how to harness it. And we unequivocally do.

Located in San Francisco, CA we have 20 years of experience pushing the boundaries of technology and design. Our clients come to us because they want handcrafted results to suit their specific needs and are looking for a unique agency that will steer their brand to higher grounds.



Founder / Design Director

Jamie founded Revolution Creatives to disrupt the status quo of the traditional and cumbersome agency environment; moving discussions out of the boardroom and onto the front lines of design, brand identity and human-centered user journeys. With over 20 years experience working with global brand leaders like Williams-Sonoma, Cisco, Sephora, Wells Fargo, Crunchbase, See’s Candies, Robert Mondavi, and others, Jamie leads all touch points across a projects life-cycle. Engaging fearlessly with people, ideas, and technology, Jamie shifts human behavior and elevates consumer engagement and product adoption.



Producer / Project Manager

As Digital Media Strategist, Leah works across a projects complete lifecycle collaborating closely with people from every area of our team including Creative, Social Media, Photographic, and Account Services. Leah’s extensive knowledge in various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, gives her a keen insight into the social strategy of our client’s online presence. Her sharp eye for visuals, uncanny grasp of details and numbers, and social media savvy makes Leah an indispensable part of the RC team.


Senior UX Designer

Talya has headed up our UX design efforts for more than 10 years, strategizing and elevating clients mobile, desktop, and digital user experiences. She strategically solves for complex user journeys and user experience systems building site maps, information architecture and wireframes. She uncovers user persons, conducts human-centered testing and evaluations and defines and executes on business goals and requirements. Her results are simple, thoughtful and strategic UX solutions across all platforms and environments.



Senior Web Developer

Mike Viele holds the position of resident Web Developer / Audio Engineer / Professional Nerd at RC. His jack-of-all trades has proven invaluable and his ability to wear multiple hats keeps Mike integrated into all phases of our projects. Previously, Mike worked for 12+ years as an audio engineer. Mike’s web development experience covers many coding languages and open source CMS platforms including PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more.


CJ White

Junior Web Developer

CJ joined the RC team in September of 2015. Before joining RC, CJ has worked with various development companies throughout the New England area. CJ loves working with any and all programming languages, but particularly enjoys creating pixel perfect websites with HTML, CSS, and jQuery/JavaScript. WordPress is his CMS of choice.