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How do I choose the right web design agency?

The three most critical things to look for when choosing a web company are experience, portfolio, and client reviews. A company with deep experience and industry knowledge may cost slightly more upfront, but in the long run they will help you steer clear of costly mistakes and know how to create the impact you need to drive traffic to your site. You should also pay close attention to their portfolio of work. Does it reflect high quality work? Have they done websites in your industry? Do they understand your market? And finally, read their client reviews and ask for the names and contact information of their three latest clients and call them. Ask about their experience. Any reputable company will provide this and if they won’t…move on.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website is like the cost of a house or car. The prices span a wide range and depend on many factors. How large is the site? What platform will it be built on? Does it have e-commerce? Extensive photo or video galleries? There are many factors involved that will increase or decrease the cost but the general range for a reputable web development company can go anywhere from $5000 – $20,000+ and up from there for larger sites. Contact us for a free estimate. We can usually give a rough ball park over the phone after asking a few questions.

How long does it take to build a new website?

For a basic site of roughly 5-10 pages you can expect roughly 6-8 weeks. Medium sized sites can be roughly 10-12 weeks. Larger and more complex sites can take 3-6 months depending.

What is WordPress and is it right for me?

Overtime WordPress has grown in popularity with millions of users worldwide and has become the number one CMS (content management system) worldwide, powering 22% of new websites. WordPress enables users with little to no coding knowledge or web experience easily manage and edit their own website including adding or editing text and images, adding or deleting  pages, maintaining e-commerce stores, and much more. This is a great option for you if you are a hands-on type and want the ability to maintain your on your own.

How do search engines work?

Search engines use automated software (known as robots or spiders) to follow links on Websites, harvesting information as they go. When someone submits a query to a search engine, the engine returns a list of sites, ranking them on their relevance to the keywords used in the search. How search engines assess your site and determine the relevance of the words often depends on how the specific search engine works. Some engines use artificial intelligence to recognize concepts that frequently appear together. Other search engines, such as Google and Bing, run off highly complex algorithms that determine your search results based on numerous factors. For instance, how many sites link back to yours (popularity), and more importantly, how credible are the sites linking to yours. So if sites like Yelp! and Trip Advisor have links to your site, you will be given much higher priority then say if Joe Smith from the local hardware store links to your site.

How long does it take for the search engines to find my site once it goes up?

Don’t expect your site to show up in search engines immediately. It can take anything from 24 hours to 6 weeks or more! It depends on the search engine. Most search engine crawlers typically retrieve only a few pages from each site on each visit and visits can be weeks apart. We try and speed that process up by hand-submitting your site, but it still takes time.

How do I drive traffic to my site?

There are many creative ways to increase traffic to your website. Some will cost you money, and some won’t. But we recommend doing as much as you can from both paid and non-paid avenues. We are happy to walk you through a list of free things you can do to immediately help improve  your ranking on search engines, but organic (free) search result rankings can take time to see improvements. Could take 3 months or a year and even then, organic efforts on your own may never get you in the top 10. If youre looking for top 10 search rankings in your industry, we HIGHLY recommend working with an SEO specialist. We dont do that work in house but we have relationships with reputable firms that can help.