Your Logo is Your Businesses DNA

DNA is a molecule that houses the information about who you are and how you will function in the world. A businesses DNA is their company logo. A logo considers your company’s purpose, culture, and vibe. Its unique combination of typography, color, shape, and form represents the core of an organization’s brand and is the launch point for all things to follow.

Four Key Elements to Great Logo Design

Keep it simple (but not simple stupid) – Keeping your logo design simple and free of clutter and unnecessary clutter will allow people to connect to it quickly and meaningfully.

Typography is critical – Choosing the right fonts is the most critical step in logo design. Your typography choice will convey your personality, culture, and vibe and be used throughout your other collateral.

Color matters – Color creates an emotional connection or response that humans have been trained to react to for centuries. Red can mean anger, passion, or stop, and green can mean go, environment, or nature. But its not that simple. There are nuances of color creation that can make all the difference. make sure your designer understands the color spectrum intimately.

Make it memorable – What makes a logo memorable is a tall order. There are dozens of factors that go into that, the most important being the company behind the logo. But finding ways to set your logo apart from the pack – differentiate it from the masses – is where to start.