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Revolution Media Group is an agile team of web and mobile designers and technologists that have been crafting digital stories for over 20 years.

People respond to a brands authentic story (not ads). We uncover your unique story and create a meaningful connection between you and you audience.
At Revolution Media Group, we approach every web, mobile, mobile app design and development project with the knowledge that people’s most important interaction with your brand will likely happen on your website. Powerful web design, responsive across all devices, clear messaging, engaging imagery, and cutting-edge technology is at the core of what we do. We work closely with you to uncover your value and let that knowledge fuel our design and inform our decisions.

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Mobilgeddon has arrived. Are you mobile ready?

Google launched a new campaign yesterday which will favor sites that are “mobile-friendly”, and outright ignore sites that arent. This means that when people search Google for businesses on their smartphone, you may not be found at all if your […]


Your Logo is Your Businesses DNA

DNA is a molecule that houses the information about who you are and how you will function in the world. A businesses DNA is their company logo. A logo considers your company’s purpose, culture, and vibe. Its unique combination of typography, color, shape, […]


5 key areas that affect web redesigns

Ready to undertake your companies website redesign? There are 5 critical steps that are essential to your redesigns success including evaluating your content, social media, responsiveness, customer usability, and performance. The online social landscape has changed dramatically […]